Finnish Tax Administration

The role of the Tax Administration in our society is important: we collect more than 50 billion euros every year in tax revenue, which is used for maintaining and developing public services.  Our task is to ensure that our operations are effective and our systems are reliable. We must give taxpayers equal treatment and offer them services that are easy to use.

Tax Administration has almost five thousand employees who work in all regions of Finland.  According to recent surveys, we are seen as a good employer, and have fared well in numerous comparisons among employers. Employees of the Tax Administration can make an impact on the public welfare.

Many different jobs

The most common higher education degrees among our employees are Master of laws, Master of economics, and Bachelor of Business Administration. We have a growing need for employees who have completed a university degree.

During the first years of their career, a typical employee of the Tax Administration may work in the units that deal with the tax assessment and monitoring of individual, self-employed and corporate taxpayers. At the following stages, they may move on to work as a specialist either in a regional tax office or in the central steering and development unit.

Support professions within the Tax Administration include administrative, IT and communications experts, which means that we need people with skills and experience from many different sectors.  Good IT skills and knowledge of languages help our employees achieve success. Additionally, we value good interpersonal skills and service-mindedness in all our positions.

The Tax Administration has a culture of trusting and supporting its personnel 

Our employee compensation system offers incentives, and we pay attention both to the demands of the job itself and to the employee's personal performance.  We offer flexible start and end times of the daily hours and teleworking schemes that help employees maintain the balance between work and leisure.

The Tax Administration seeks to improve the competence level of our personnel. Personnel competence is supported by on-the-job training schemes and participation in civil servants' exchange programs in Finland and abroad. 

We also offer support in the form of high-quality occupational healthcare. Our benefits include subsidised employee commuter tickets and culture and exercise vouchers. Employees may purchase affordable software for their home computers and rent subsidised holiday homes.

We are respected for the reliability and uniformity of our operations and for the competence of our employees. Our aim is to be an institution held in high regard both in in Finland and internationally; one of the best tax administrations in the world.

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Tax revenue is the most important source of public income. It is spent on maintaining and improving public services, bringing about benefits for all citizens.

Contact information 

From our website you can find the service numbers and contact information of the local tax offices.