Jani Oinonen


I came to work for Palkeet in the role of a salary service secretary in 2014 and I currently work as a planner in ICT. My work involves duties related to the automation of production processes (robotics), including server maintenance, designing of robot thought processes, capacity management and the controlled introduction of robots and other automation tools into production. My work also includes troubleshooting, fault investigation and communication.

The best part of my job is the opportunity to be involved in creating something new that has never been done before in Palkeet and in adopting new technologies. My work is responsible, versatile and gives me the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary cooperation with all units. My co-workers are motivated and provide assistance in difficult situations as necessary. You could say that my work is team work.

As an employer, Palkeet encourages its personnel to develop their skills and challenge themselves. Palkeet also tries to get with the times, i.e. the different units perform a great deal of development work and we never get stuck in one place, so to speak. I like working here.