Jenna Vidman

Financial Services Secretary

I came to work for Palkeet in April 2015. I first worked as a salary service secretary before becoming a financial services secretary in the Joensuu travel group at the beginning of 2017. My duties include checking travel claims, providing advice and guidance with regard to travel claims and acting as an administrator of the M2 travel management system. Around the turn of the year, my work also involves duties related to annual reports for the Tax Administration, which also brings variety to my normal work.

I like coming in to work, and we have a great team spirit. Work is carried out with a brisk approach! I like being able to interact with different types of people in my work. I also have a suitable amount of challenge and variety in my work through my duties as an administrator of the M2 system, among other things.

Palkeet is a great and reliable employer that provides opportunities for different types of work as well as modern tools. Palkeet values its employees. Sports vouchers are distributed to employees annually, and a variety of training sessions are held as necessary.  I like working with skilled and innovative people.