Local Register Offices

Local register offices are part of the state's local government apparatus. Local register offices provide quality information management and legal protection services. They act as the official local body for the population register and also as the guardianship authority. They are also responsible for organising consumer guidance nation-wide. Notary public, public purchase witness, and marrying authority services can also be obtained from local register offices. Further tasks include, among others, matters regarding name changes, investigation of impediments to marriage and confirmation of the shareholders' register for deeds of estate inventory. In addition, local register offices have responsibilities regarding elections and referendums.

There are 11 local register offices operating from a total of 39 offices. They employ a total of 700 people.

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for providing strategic guidance to the local register offices. Eastern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency's Local Register Office Guidance and Development Unit is then responsible for the development and performance guidance of local register offices' activities nationwide. Also responsible for the operational guidance and development of the local register office's different fields of operation are the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the Population Register Centre.

Registrar for Guardianship Services
Harri Savilaakso works head of the Local Register Office of Lapland.
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Local register offices are responsible for their region's population information system, guardianship matters and national consumer guidance.

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