Mari Kervinen

Specialist, Services

Mari Kervinen works as a Specialist in the Digital Services Unit of the Population Register Centre.

I am employed in specialist tasks in, which comprises a broad range of different services. Most of my tasks are connected with the development of the Web Service and the Finnish Service Catalogue. The development work is based on users’ needs and the methods of agile software development. In my job, I also need expertise in the field of service concept creation, service design, usability and accessibility.

I have been working in different tasks of Web Service for more than 15 years, from the early stages of the service. My tasks have changed in tandem with organisational changes: first I moved from the Ministry of Finance to the State Treasury and then to the Population Register Centre where I started on 1 January 2017.

Even though I have been working with the same web service for many years, there have been substantial changes in my tasks during that period. I have been fortunate because the development and maintenance of the web service involve a broad range of different tasks and I have accumulated experience in all of them. In the past few years, I have been able to focus more on development tasks.

The Services, currently under development in the Population Register Centre, are unique in their scope. Working with is highly motivating because it is a continuous learning process, you have to overcome new challenges every day and you must find new ways of doing things. My hope is that five years from now, I will still be a member of a team developing Services for all of us, for citizens, entrepreneurs and public sector employees.

I have a humanistic background. I studied Finnish language, communications and media education at the university. I already became interested in online communications as a student when Internet was still in its infancy. Before, I also worked with online communications in the private sector.

The best thing about the Population Register Centre is that you have enthusiastic and competent colleagues and you can work in a broad range of different tasks. The Population Register Centre is a flexible employer: flexitime and the option of telework are of great help when you are arranging your daily schedule. The Population Register Centre also invests in employee wellbeing and the overall development of the agency.