Sivi Palmén

I work as a Funding, Liquidity and IR Manager in the Front Office of the State Treasury's Finance Division in tasks involving government debt management. As a member of the funding team, I am involved in government debt issue transactions, government cash management and currency transactions in the financial market. I also manage investor relations.

The State Treasury offers you a chance to get hands-on experience of central government finances and borrowing and the functioning of the financial markets. The State Treasury has a continuous dialogue with partners in many areas in both Finland and in other countries.

In this work you must have the ability to react quickly to changes, a quick problem-solving capability and good language skills. The work involves many different tasks and international contacts, which means that you need a broad range of different skills. I am a Master of Arts and a Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) by training. I have been working in the State Treasury since 2010, starting as a trainee.

A hint for newcomers in the State Treasury: Specialists and top professionals in a broad range of different fields work in the different divisions of the State Treasury. So, don't be scared if you don't learn the tasks of the different divisions at once. You will learn them as you work.

The best thing about the State Treasury is a nice and highly professional working community. I have also been provided with opportunities for personal development. For example, I have worked in the Swedish National Debt Office in Stockholm for a brief period as part of an exchange programme for public servants. I have enjoyed my work in the State Treasury and the future looks stable.