State Treasury

The State Treasury is a multisectoral service agency employing about 300 people. We develop central government finances and human resources administration; support central government organisations in digitalisation projects; manage central government assets, loans and bookkeeping and its accident compensation payments; disburse compensation payments to citizens for military injuries and criminal damage; and administer housing loan guarantees and interest subsidies.

The State Treasury also manages the statutory accident and indemnity insurance as well as insurance-related employer services for central government agencies and institutions and supports measures designed to maintain the working capacity of central government personnel.

The work in the State Treasury is interesting and involves a broad range of different responsibilities. It also gives you a good idea of the work tasks in your own area in central government. Most of our staff members possess an academic degree or a vocational college diploma.

The duties and key processes of the agency at the website of the State Treasury.

What does the State Treasury do? Look at the video to find out:

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The office building of the State Treasury.

The logo of the State Treasury

Contact information

State Treasury
PO Box 14

Street address:
Sörnäisten rantatie 13, Helsinki
tel. + 358 295 50 2000 (switchboard)
fax + 358 295 50 3333

Registrar's office:
e-mail: kirjaamo(at)

The website of the State Treasury

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