Juha-Pekka Konttinen

Head of Statistics

Juha-Pekka Konttinen works as Head of Statistics at Statistics Finland’s Business Statistics Department. He is the head of the innovations, transport and tourism unit. In addition, he participates particularly in development projects and work groups outside his own unit, and also acts as the deputy to the department’s Director.

"My career at Statistics Finland has been filled with versatile tasks. I started working at Statistics Finland in 2004 as a trainee and graduated in 2005 as a Master of Economic Sciences. Since then, I have worked as a project leader, senior statistician and team leader.

In my current position, I am primarily responsible for the activities of my unit, and it is great to work with skilled and enthusiastic people. There is plenty of work outside my own unit as well, especially in development-oriented tasks. Active communication with both domestic and international partners is also important. Business trips abroad bring variation to my work. They involve, for example, consulting and statistics development.

Usually, my working days are seldom alike and plans can change several times over the day. Flexible working hours and remote work when necessary help organise the work during busy periods.

Statistics Finland has always encouraged me to improve my competence. I have wanted and been allowed to be involved in various tasks. In addition to statistical work, I have participated in many types of development work both in Finland and abroad. My activity has also been rewarded and I have been able to expand and diversify my tasks throughout my career.

I believe that the changing world also needs new types of statistical data that can describe and support society, decision-making and research. This offers a lot of work for coming years as well."