VATT Institute for Economic Research

VATT as an economics research institute

VATT Institute for Economic Research is an economics research organisation of roughly 50 people. We carry out high-quality scientific research to support evidence-based policy making and to promote effective fiscal policy. We evaluate the impact of various policy changes on the behaviour of individuals, households or firms. The main building blocks of our analyses are large-scale register data, profound institutional knowledge, and economic theory.

Our research work focuses on five broad themes:

  • Local public finance and provision of public services
  • Social security, taxation and inequality
  • Labour markets and education
  • Climate, energy and environmental policy
  • Business taxation and regulation

VATT as an economic policy expert

VATT acts as an expert in decision-making and economic policy evaluation. Our research topics are highly policy-relevant ranging from taxation to active labour market policies and from housing policy to municipal finances. Our analyses serve decision makers, policy analysts and specialists, and the public debate.  Besides their research work, our researchers are sought after as experts in parliamentary committees, working groups and the media.

VATT as part of the research community

VATT is located in the Economicum complex in downtown Helsinki. We collaborate closely with the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics located in the same complex. We are one of three partners in the Centre of Excellence in Tax Systems Research, funded by the Academy of Finland through years 2022—2029. In addition, we are a member in several large multidisciplinary research consortia. VATT hosts Finland’s Economic Policy Council.

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The office building of VATT.

Good to know about us

VATT Institute for Economic Research operates within the administrative sector of Ministry of Finance. VATT strategic development is supported by a seven-member advisory board. VATT personnel consists of roughly 50 people. Most of researchers have a doctoral degree in economics.

Contact Information

Visiting address: Arkadiankatu 7,
00100 Helsinki
Telephone + 358 295 519 400

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