VATT Institute for Economic Research

Are you an economics researcher or student who is interested in an international career? Do you want to do high-level scientific research on policy-relevant public finance topics? Are you interested in having an expert role in policy preparation or assessing the impacts of economic policy?

VATT as an economics research institute

VATT is an expert economics research unit. We do high-level scientific research to promote evidence-based policy making. Economics provides an important perspective on key social policy questions. VATT researches policy-relevant topics from business taxation to labour market policy and from the housing market to municipal finances.

Our researchers’ backgrounds include education economics, labour economics, political economics and environmental economics. Our research work focuses on five broad themes:

  • Local public finance and provision of public services
  • Social security, taxation and inequality
  • Labour markets and education
  • Environment, energy and climate policy
  • Business regulation and international economics

VATT as an economics policy expert

VATT acts as an expert in guiding decision-making and evaluating economic policy. Using scientific methods and extensive register data, we forecast or evaluate the impact of various policy changes on e.g. the behaviour of individuals, households or firms. Besides their research work, our researchers are sought after as experts in parliamentary committees, various expert working groups and the media.

Part of the national economics community

We are located at the Economicum campus in central Helsinki together with the Department of Economics of the University of Helsinki, the Aalto University School of Business and the Department of Economics of Hanken School of Economics. VATT also works with the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics, a leading economics unit formed by these three universities.

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The office building of VATT.

Good to know about us

VATT Institute for Economic Research operates in the administrative area of the Ministry of Finance, and it is supported in its work by a ministry-appointed commission. VATT personnel consists of 60 people. Most of researchers are doctors of economics.

Contact Information

Visiting address: Arkadiankatu 7,
00100 Helsinki
Telephone + 358 295 519 400

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