Suvi Räty

Diverse legal expertise

Suvi Räty, Master of Law, works as a referendary with the Consumer Disputes Board. These qualified lawyers prepare proposals for decisions on disputes. Up to now, Suvi Räty has focussed on housing and real estate legislation, but referendaries also participate in job rotation in order to diversify their consumer rights skills.

“I like working for the Consumer Disputes Board, because my work is diverse, challenging and independent. I particularly value the fact that I can contribute towards ensuring legal protection.”

My work enables the application of legislation on a broad basis.

“Each month, I present the various sections with proposals on decisions and get to discuss interesting legal issues and interpretations with specialists in each branch of the law. This helps me to develop my legal understanding and accumulate valuable know-how on legal matters.”

Suvi Räty's position also involves advising inspectors and consumer rights advisers.

“As an expert in my field, I have been invited to give lectures on the Board's decision-making practices and to participate in an international conference. These enable me to improve my public speaking skills, which are essential to a referendary.”

“In five years' time, I see myself as having a supervisory role as a senior inspector in the Consumer Disputes Board. I am engaged in management studies alongside my work, which should help me to manage supervisory duties successfully.”