Tomi Vahtera

An inspector well versed in electronics

Tomi Vahtera works as an inspector working for section 3 of the Consumer Disputes Board, which is responsible for the handling of disputes about furniture, home appliances and electronics.  Inspectors manage correspondence between the parties to a dispute and are technical experts on the consumer goods covered by their section. Tomi Vahtera is a qualified electronics installation engineer.

“Eight years of work experience in jobs involving mobile phones and IT applications provide me with a good basis for handling my tasks successfully.  In addition to knowledge of electronic devices, my work requires good organisational skills, willingness to engage in routine work, and customer service skills, since I am in continuous contact with consumers and businesses.”

“My work is a balanced mix of routine and non-routine tasks, because each case is different.”

In some cases, Vahtera supports referendaries by providing statements on the technical aspects of devices.

“This brings welcome variety to the handling of and familiarisation with cases.”

Flexible working hours provide a strong framework for managing a family with two young children and the planning of everyday life. “My future plans may include further study alongside my work. I enjoy working in my current position and see no need to change.”