Anja Vepsäläinen

Anja Vepsäläinen works as a notary at the Eastern Finland Court of Appeal.

“In brief, my duties involve running the Department of the Application of Law together with the head of department, Senior Justice of the Court of Appeal. I distribute cases arriving at the department to members and referendaries, and arrange main hearings. I am responsible for contacts with the parties concerned and scheduling. Once sessions are scheduled, I prepare session rotas for members of the Court of Appeal and assistant justices. I also manage administrative duties at the department and am directly in charge of secretaries in the department's office. In addition, I am a member of several working groups and development projects, and serve as contact person for various purposes.

My work is highly diverse and requires good interactive skills, IT skills, a prompt and flexible approach and, most of all, precision.

I have worked in the court system for 40 years. Before joining the Court of Appeal, I worked for a District Court and before that, at the district court office. In my opinion, work experience and knowledge of the operating environment is vital, because the work of a Court of Appeal clerk is demanding.

I am a commercial school graduate and have trained myself further in work-related courses and through work experience. Although no legal training is required of Court of Appeal notaries, you need a certain degree of preparation in order to examine legislation and provisions.

The atmosphere in my work community is excellent and we use humour to counterbalance the demanding nature of our work.
Making sure that the operation works as a whole is the most rewarding aspect for me. You feel that you have succeed when you meet the performance targets set for the court.”