HEUNI is a specialized agency and is part of the Ministry of Justice of Finland. It was established on the basis of an agreement between Finland and the United Nations.

HEUNI is part of a global network consisting of eighteen institutes and other entities which assist in formulating and implementing the decisions and recommendations of the United Nations in crime prevention and criminal justice. HEUNI’s field of operations covers all of Europe. During recent years, the focus of the United Nations in crime prevention and criminal justice has been in particular in the response to international organized crime. Examples of this response include the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (the so-called Palermo Convention) and the UN Convention against Corruption. The main forms of HEUNI activity are the organization of expert meetings, the conducting of research and the provision of technical assistance to member states. At present, HEUNI is engaged for example in the topics of corruption, trafficking and persons, and the analysis of the extent of crime in Europe.

HEUNI’s office is located in the Hakaniemi area of Helsinki.

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The function of HEUNI is to promote the formulation and the implementation of the United Nations crime prevention and criminal justice programme in Europe.

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