Markus Luotola

Markus Luotola works as public legal aid attorney at the Central Finland Legal Aid Office.

“Public legal aid attorneys manage cases for private persons, serving as attorneys in trials on civil and criminal matters. We also assist clients in other matters that do not require court proceedings, such as drawing up estate inventory deeds, testaments, marriage settlement agreements or contracts of sale. In all, a public legal aid attorney has a very broad range of duties.

The work is fairly varied and no days are routine. It is about solving problems and making settlements. If an agreement can be reached between the parties, the final result is usually more lasting. A trial invariably produces a winner and a loser, and it is sometimes difficult for the losing side to commit to the court decision.

Our work is rewarding because it allows us to help an individual with a particular legal problem, and whenever a matter can be decided through conciliation or arbitration, you feel that you have succeeded.

I hold a Master's Degree in Law and have undergone training at the District Court and passed the Finnish Bar Association's bar exam. Before joining a state Legal Aid Office, I worked as an advocate in a private law firm. To work as a public legal aid attorney, you need to be able to get on with different people, both your clients and the opposing party's clients and advocates.

Legal Aid Offices are large units nowadays, in which work can be allocated to people depending on their area of expertise or interests. Colleagues are always ready to provide their support. Regular working hours are a bonus.”