Legal Register Centre (LRC)

We are an expert bureau that serves as the IT service centre of the Ministry of Justice's administrative branch, developing and maintaining various information systems used in the administrative branch. We are also responsible for register-keeping, data management and the enforcement of pecuniary penalties in the administrative branch. We operate as the administrative branch's IT procurement unit and function as an independent accounting unit.

Trusted information resource expert

As a controller, we produce and disclose reliable register data to authorities, companies, organisations and private citizens. Our priorities as a controller are compliance with the principle of openness and protecting the privacy of data subjects. The majority of data in our registers is sensitive. Our most accessed registers are the criminal records, register of fines, register of bankruptcies and restructurings and the register of debt adjustments.

As an authority with a role in enforcement, we are responsible for the enforcement of fines, forfeitures, payments and receivables and exercise the State's right of action in these matters. We are also tasked with the payment of damages imposed by court judgments when the injured parties apply for such payment and the forfeiture is based on a crime and has been enforced.

In the field of data management, we maintain registers used for research purposes and disclose information from our registers for research. We are also responsible for information services related to the judicial administration's national information resource. We also provide various services for the administrative branch. For example, we maintain data management plans and forms and develop data architecture, statistics and reporting.

Agile digital partner to the judicial administration

As an expert in information system development, the LRC develops, builds and supports information systems needed in the daily work of the administrative branch's agencies. We are also responsible for the guidance of Valtori and making service agreements for procuring sector-independent ICT services for the Ministry of Justice's entire administrative branch. Our operations are based on transparency and cost-effectiveness. As a service-oriented organisation, we put particular emphasis on the ease of use, suitability and reliability of our systems.

The information system architecture of the administrative branch comprises dozens of information systems. These systems are used to manage and process the matters and information of clients and authorities alike. The information systems have been implemented with the most commonly used technologies and methods in the industry. Technical information security requirements play a significant role in our operations, as much of the data being managed is confidential.

Close cooperation with other agencies

In theory, anyone anywhere in the world can be a client of the Legal Resource Centre in matters ranging from the collection of a fine to issuing an extract from the criminal records. In the field of ICT, our clients are the organisations of the judicial administration, such as the Ministry of Justice, the courts and the Criminal Sanctions Agency, enforcement offices, prosecutor's offices and legal aid and public guardianship offices. We cooperate extensively with other authorities. Major stakeholders outside our own administrative branch include the police, the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, as well as the Regional State Administrative Agencies. At the level of the European Union, we cooperate with the authorities of other Member States in matters involving criminal records and enforcement.

Flexible work at home and at the office

Our employees come from a variety of educational backgrounds. We employ engineers, lawyers, bachelors of business administration and other professionals, who have developed special expertise for the requirements of their particular fields, both in the course of their work and through training arranged by the LRC. Project management, agile development methods and a customer-oriented mindset are crucial skills for our experts, especially in the ICT domain.

Our office is located in the centre of Hämeenlinna with excellent public transport connections, but we also offer flexible and extensive remote work opportunities. Our office building has work spaces for various needs, with modern conferencing equipment and tools available. The building's versatile workstations are designed to take into account different ways of working, and we have suitable spaces for both regular and hybrid work.

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