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The Legal Register Centre (LGC) is a specialised agency operating under the Ministry of Justice. The Centre serves as the IT service centre of the Ministry of Justice's administrative branch, developing and maintaining various information systems. LGC is also responsible for the control and data management of many data files under the Ministry of Justice's administrative branch and the execution of fines and fees.

As a controller, we provide reliable register data for authorities, corporations and citizens. Our activities as a controller require us to balance compliance with the principle of the openness of government activities and the protection of privacy. The majority of our data files contain sensitive information. The information is disclosed to the data subjects themselves and to various authorities within the boundaries of the law. Our most frequently used data files are the criminal records, fine register, register of bankruptcies and restructurings and debt adjustment register.

As an authority with executive duties, we execute fines and receivables with friendly determination. We see to the execution of pecuniary penalties such as fines and various types of compensations.

As experts in information system development, we develop user-friendly judicial administration systems that support the work of the authorities and maintain their quality in a cost-effective manner. For our clients in the judicial administration, we are an expert partner in the implementation of information system services in the administrative branch and participate in service production as specified in our agreements.

Our agency serves citizens, authorities and agencies in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Justice.  In theory, anyone from anywhere in the world can be a customer in matters ranging from fine recovery to delivering extracts from the criminal records.  Our systems development customers are the judicial administration's judicial administration's operative sectors, including the Ministry of Justice, the courts and the Criminal Sanctions Agency, enforcement offices, prosecutor´s offices and public guardianship and public legal aid offices.

We cooperate with other authorities, and our stakeholders include the police, courts, enforcement service, prosecutors and prisons. At the EU level, we cooperate with the authorities of various Member States in matters involving criminal records and sanctions. In information system development, our key partners are the Government ICT Centre Valtori, the government's central purchasing body Hansel and various system suppliers.

Our employees come from a variety of educational backgrounds. We employ engineers, lawyers, bachelors of business administration and other professionals, all of whom have developed their competencies to meet the needs of their fields of specialisation, both in the course of their duties and through training. Project and development competencies, agile development practices and a customer-oriented mindset are important skillsets for our employees. Our office is located in Hämeenlinna, and our flexible remote employment contracts permit certain tasks to be performed elsewhere as well.

I work as an Enforcement Secretary at the Legal Register Centre.
I am working as an IT designer at the Legal Register Centre.
Antti Kaakinen works as Senior Inspector at the Legal Register Centre.
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