Heidi Jalokinos

I am currently working as an IT designer in the Legal Register Centre's Information System Services sector. I have a BBA degree in business economics. After being unemployed for quite some time, I noticed a job announcement for a register secretary on the Valtiolle.fi website. I was extremely lucky to get the position in the Criminal Records team of Civic and Government Services and to be able to put my customer service skills to use in Finnish, Swedish and English.

My true calling is the IT industry, however, so I switched positions in-house just six months after starting as a register secretary. As an IT designer, I am responsible for certain systems maintained by the Legal Register Centre, the functioning of those systems and cooperation with suppliers and stakeholders.

The thing I enjoy most in my job is the feeling of security. The government takes such good care of its employees that you will want to stay for a long time. Other key things that make my job so nice are the relaxed atmosphere at work and my fair and encouraging colleagues.