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You may have some knowledge of prisons, but it might come as a surprise how versatile tasks the Prison and Probation Service offers.  We carry out effective, reliable and significant work that aims to prevent recidivism. The Prison and Probation Service is part of the administrative branch of the Ministry of Justice and responsible for the enforcement of community sanctions and prison sentences and the implementation of remand imprisonment.

We have a wide range of experts who guide, support and develop our core duties. Our work is based on research and has great social impact.

We employ approximately 2 600 professionals, half of whom carry out supervision duties in prisons. Probation offices are responsible for probation work and supervision patrols. We have various job titles, such as senior prison and probation officials, experts, instructors, psychologists, teachers and prison chaplains.

Our employment situation is good and the supervision staff are often employed right after completing the qualification in prison and probation services. As the Training Institute for Prison and Probation Service is the only institution that provides basic education for supervision staff, the student numbers can be adjusted to the prevailing employment situation. People who complete the degree programme in prison and probation services can apply for further studies in a university of applied sciences, which opens more career opportunities in our field.

We prepare for a life without crime — safely towards more open enforcement

Our primary duty is to see that the sentences passed by the courts are enforced lawfully and safely. During the sentence term, we guide the sentenced persons towards a life without crime and support their ability to reintegrate into society in cooperation with their families and our extensive cooperation network.

The goal is to gradually proceed from a closed prison to more open enforcement.

If the sentenced persons are able to practice skills promoting their life control during the sentence term, they have a better chance of reintegrating into society after release.

Job opportunities across Finland

The Prison and Probation Service operates nationwide. Our organisation is composed of four departments, which are the Development and Guidance Department, the Client Processes Department, the Administration and Support Services Department and the Core Operations Department. In addition to the departments and their units, we have four separate units called the Internal Audit Unit, Management Support Unit, the Communications Unit and the International Affairs Unit.

The Core Operations Department is in charge of 11 regional Prison and Probation Centres, which are made up of prisons and probation offices. The probation offices and prisons are located around the country.

The Training Institute for Prison and Probation Service arranges prison officer education and in-service training.

Prison and Probation Service as an employer

Taking care of our employees' professional competence and well-being at work is important for us. We encourage our employees to develop their competence and provide opportunities for in-service training and further training. We continuously measure and develop the well-being at work and believe that meaningful tasks increase the significance of work. In addition, we have high-quality occupational health care nationwide.

More information on the Prison and Probation Service as an employer is on our website.

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The office building of the Prison and Probation Service.

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