The Finnish Prosecution Service

The Finnish Prosecution Service has approximately 540 employees, two out of three of whom are prosecutors. Almost one half of them are women, and the majority of all staff are over 45 years of age. The Finnish Prosecution Service is a well-liked and preferred employer. All vacancies therefore attract a large number of applications.

The primary responsibility of District Prosecutors working in local prosecutors' offices is to ensure that all criminal acts are punished as provided by law. The work of a prosecutor involves diverse, independent and challenging administration of the law, including its international aspects. The qualification requirement for prosecutors is the degree of Master of Laws, except for the LL.M degree with international and comparative law as its major subject. Most prosecutors hold the degree of Master of Laws with court training.

Prosecutor's secretaries manage the practical duties involved in prosecution, including contacts with stakeholders and the management of documents, their circulation, preparation, scheduling and the follow-up of compliance with deadlines. The required characteristics of a prosecutor's secretary include responsibility, initiative, cooperative skills, a customer service oriented attitude and the ability to work independently.

The Office of the Prosecutor General acts as the central administration agency of the Finnish prosecution service, with responsibility for the operating conditions of local prosecutors' offices. It also considers criminal matters of major importance to society, which involve normal consideration of charges. The Prosecutor General acts as the supreme prosecutor and heads the prosecution service. In addition to him, the Office of the Prosecutor General employs the Deputy Prosecutor General, State Prosecutors, office staff and experts.

Independence is not the only factor that makes the work of a prosecutor unique. Prosecutors can also specialise in certain challenging fields of crime, including financial crime. The Finnish Prosecution Service has a comprehensive training system of its own. The aim of staff training is to respond to topical challenges. The vision of the prosecution service is to be a competent, strong, and effective realiser of criminal liability.  It is a great place for those who want to work towards creating a safer society.

Mirja Lehtonen works as a Prosecutor's Secretary at the Prosecutor's Office of Inland Finland.
Sampsa Hakala works as District Prosecutor at the Helsinki Prosecutor's Office.
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The Finnish Prosecution Service consists of 11 prosecutor´s offices with service offices throughout the country, plus the Office of the Prosecutor General in Helsinki.

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