The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland (STUK) is the authority and expert organization responsible for monitoring radiation and nuclear safety. STUK employs about 340 experts in various fields. The purpose of STUK’s operations is to protect people, society, the environment and future generations from the harmful effects of radiation. The scope of our duties is broad, and success requires multidisciplinary expertise and cooperation. STUK monitors nuclear power plants, nuclear materials and nuclear waste, and the use of radiation in health care, industry and research. STUK is also responsible for the monitoring of non-ionizing radiation, such as sunbeds, mobile phones and laser equipment.

We continuously develop our operations to improve safety, quality and outcomes. We find our work meaningful and understand its effects on security of society. Our goals: the happiest civil servants, the best government agency and the most satisfied customers in the world – a radiation-safe Finland.

What kind of expertise do we value?

Eighty per cent of STUK’s permanent employees have a university degree. We employ not only radiation and nuclear security professionals, but also dozens of professionals in other sectors. The most common educational backgrounds are technology and natural sciences.

In addition to expertise, we value skills that are crucial in working, such as information system and communication skills. We also value good cooperation and interaction skills as well as a desire for professional development.

Every year, we have a number of apprenticeships in different fields, and we also offer opportunities for writing a thesis. We can also offer vacancies for those in non-military service, provided that the person has education or skills related to STUK’s operations.

What do we offer as an employer?

STUK’s skilled, motivated and happy personnel are the starting point for successful operations. We invest in competence development and support well-being at work with, for example, comprehensive occupational health care, flexible working hours and sports and cultural benefits.

We are a community of experts, which engages in holding interesting discussions, sharing expertise and doing what is promised. We actively renew, question and develop our operations.

We work in new and modern office premises especially designed for us in Vantaa (Jokiniemenkuja 1). In addition to one-site work, we also work remotely, which is agreed upon on a task-by-task basis.

Check out our website to see what kind of workplace and agency we are.

Check out our employer promise videos here (in Finnish):

Our vacancies can be found below.

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