Ministry of Transport and Communications

The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications seeks to promote the well-being of our people and the competitiveness of our businesses. Our mission is to ensure that people have access to well-functioning, safe and reasonably priced transport and communications networks. The Ministry is responsible for two broad sectors: transport policy and communications policy.

The Ministry’s responsibilities include transport systems and networks, transport of people and goods, traffic safety, and issues relating to climate and the environment. In the communications sector, the Ministry takes care of issues relating to communications networks, information security and data protection, information society policy, the mass media, and postal services.

This is us

The primary task of the Ministry is law-drafting. The Ministry prepares acts, decrees and decisions that are made in Parliament, at Presidential sessions of the Government and in the Government itself. The Ministry also issues ministerial decrees.

The Ministry’s main responsibilities also include providing strategic performance guidance in its administrative sector, which covers three agencies and three state majority-owned companies, along with the Finnish Broadcasting Company which is directly supervised by Parliament. The Ministry guides and supervises the operation of its agencies through setting annual performance targets and monitoring how these targets are achieved and how appropriations are used. It also reviews the progress of agencies in the administrative sector.

The Ministry is an expert organisation and more than 65% of our personnel have a Master's degree in, for example, law, technology, economy and business administration. People working at the Ministry also hold such degrees as Master of Social Sciences and Bachelor of Business Administration.

How we work

We offer interesting, versatile and challenging tasks for people at different life and career stages. We actively improve our expertise and develop our skills and know-how. Career path thinking and broadening of the scope are essential elements of our expertise. The Ministry values equality and diversity in its work community. We hope to receive applications for our open positions from candidates with a variety of backgrounds, including people of different ages and genders and people belonging to different language, cultural or other minority groups.  

With these values we are building the best public sector workplace:

Equity: We value each other. We are open and promote equality. We listen to the opinions of everyone involved. We follow the rules that have been commonly agreed upon.

Courage: We are pioneers and dare to distance ourselves from the old. We do not evade responsibility. We create the future.

Cooperation: The issues we work with are common to all of us. We take initiative in exchanging information openly and in good time. We hold each other's work in value. We listen to our interest groups and provide them with the opportunity to impact society.

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The office building of Ministry of Transport and Communications.

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