The Finnish Meteorological Institute

Weather, sea, climate and space are the main themes of our operations. Our objective is to ensure that weather or conditions don’t take us by surprise – whether inland, at sea or on air, over the next few hours or far ahead in the future. At FMI, 700 specialists from different fields are working every day to achieve this goal.

We conduct research and make observations constantly to better understand the effects of the atmosphere, seas and space on our conditions. We develop services that are important to the general public, transportation, business, and media and authorities.

What kind of expertise are we looking for?

Our personnel are highly educated. Apart from meteorologists, about half of the employees work at various expert tasks as researchers or, for instance, as operators of the specialised equipment and systems needed for weather forecasting.

Besides people who have studied meteorology at university, our personnel include chemists, physicists, mathematicians and engineers. We also have a number of open trainee positions each year.

What do we offer as an employer?

We are a world-class player in our sector, and many of our tasks are increasingly international in nature. Top-level expertise is highly valued at FMI, and it is important to us that our employees are able to develop alongside work. For example, we encourage our employees to take post-graduate studies and develop in managerial positions as well.

Our employees’ wellbeing is a crucial factor for our success. Our employees often describe the atmosphere at FMI as relaxed, friendly, and flexible. We also support the personnel’s recreational and physical activities, and our modern premises offer a number of exercise opportunities. We also offer comprehensive occupational health care services.

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The office of The Finnish Meteorological Institute.

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Visitig address:
Erik Palménin aukio 1
00560 Helsinki
Tel. 029 539 1000

The head office is situated in Helsinki. We also have premises in Kuopio, Rovaniemi and Sodankylä.

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