Antti Mäkelä

Antti is Head of the Weather and Climate Research Group at the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s Climate Service Centre. He has a university degree in meteorology. In 2011, Antti defended his dissertation in which he examined thunderstorms in Northern Europe and received his Doctorate in Philosophy. Antti is specialised in dangerous weather phenomena and especially thunderstorms and lightning.

Currently, his work involves duties as a supervisor, as well as research work. Antti's daily work is in great part made up of activities related to application for research funds and planning and realisation of different research projects.  Additionally, he is an active participant in the field's international networks. A researcher’s work requires that one must be willing to take part in persistent, long-term work, have the ability to deal with stress and be willing to work independently. On the other hand, this work also places an emphasis on good communication skills and a readiness to meet different types of people. Good language skills are imperative for working in the international operating environment.

Antti came to the FMI in 2001 as a summer temp for the then thunderstorm specialist. He spent the next three summers in the same position, after which Antti came to the FMI to complete his Master's thesis in 2006. After completing his thesis, he started his doctoral studies, as well as took part in different research activities and projects which examined the same subject area as his dissertation.

Antti appreciates the FMI’s good reputation both in Finland and abroad. The FMI’s personnel are extremely motivated and committed to their work, which is evident from the FMI’s positive workplace atmosphere. Making time for both work and family is easy, which means the FMI is a flexible employer. Antti highlights the FMI’s international status and the opportunity to work in interesting projects all over the world.

The FMI’s personnel are encouraged to gain international experience, and Antti notes that it could be interesting to work abroad in the future. There is demand for the field’s specialists in international organisations and different cooperation projects.