The Finnish Meteorological Institute

The Finnish Meteorological Institute mission is to produce high-quality services and scientific know-how on the atmosphere and seas. The Institute uses its expertise to provide services that promote public safety and enhance well-being among people and in the environment, taking into account the needs to maintain preparedness.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute

  • observes the physical state, chemical composition and electromagnetic phenomena of the atmosphere
  • observes the physical state of the Baltic Sea and the Arctic sea areas.
  • produces high-quality information and services about the past, present and future states of the atmosphere and seas
  • conducts high-standard research and development in the fields of meteorology, maritime sciences, air quality, space physics and earth observation
  • carries out competitive commercial activities, based on expert services, both in Finland and abroad
  • plays an active role in national and international cooperation
  • actively distributes information to decision-makers, the business world and the general public about matters related to the atmosphere, seas and near space
  • predicts changes and responds quickly to environmental changes and changing conditions
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