Hannu Ahola

A housing market expert at the hub of generating information

Hannu Ahola works as a housing market specialist in the residential field at ARA. He has long experience in housing sales. He worked in Helsinki as a real estate agent during the 1990s, as the training manager at Huoneistokeskus, and as a sales and local manager in Kuopio prior to his arrival at ARA. Interest in housing and a desire to learn new things motivated Hannu to seek a position at ARA.

At ARA, Hannu’s job description includes the collection of information, analysis, and reporting on housing markets. On an annual basis, he looks after, for instance, the clarification and report work related to market data on right-of-occupancy accommodation and municipalities’ rental housing. Other functions include the publication of ARA production and construction costs, the maintenance of services related to the Asuntojen.hintatiedot.fi and Asuntojenvuokrat.fi websites, and working as an expert in housing cooperation groups. As of the beginning of 2014, he has worked as a personnel representative on ARA’s Board of Directors and in its management group.

Hannu regards the role of ARA as especially interesting within the housing field. It offers ATA employees opportunities for cooperation with various actors as well as amongst researchers in the field. He now considers the housing market from a much wider perspective than previously: they include much more than just prices for houses. As an example of something completely new to his experience, Hannu mentions the homelessness that ARA compiles statistics on each year.