Mirja Suopanki

Versatile work as a superintendent in the supervision of right-of-occupancy housing and communities

Mirja Suopanki works at ARA as a superintendent in the field of housing. Mirja’s tasks are highly diverse and doing them is facilitated by her earlier work experience on the municipal side in housing matters.

“Both the work and the job environment have exceeded my expectations,” Mirja declares. “The work is interesting and variable, and my colleagues are delightful. At ARA, there’s a spirit of doing things together: matters are discussed during the meetings, and colleagues from various educational backgrounds bring their own know-how to the fore from various fields – always in line with each task. So brainstorming works well!”

Mirja’s work includes the tasks connected with the coordination of right-of-occupancy and other ARA targets, supervision, training and risk management. The supervision tasks mainly target the specification of residence charges and rents as well as the supervision of information acquisition by residents. Mirja is also involved in various projects.

Before her arrival at ARA, Mirja worked for the City of Kouvola as a housing planner. Her work comprised renovation and energy grants, interest rate subsidy loans, the supervision of resident selections and cost rents, as well as right-of-occupancy and partial ownership matters. ARA’s operations had indeed become familiar even before changing jobs. Prior to the working for the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities in Kouvola, Mirja worked for the municipality of Valkeala as a housing service manager.

“My former assignments have been a good foundation for the ones I do now. In particular, I’m thankful for the last two years, during which I acted as the contact person for special group targets for the City of Kouvola, because there are a lot of sheltered homes within the sphere of ARA’s supervision,” Mirja says thoughtfully. “I've encountered practically everything that has come up at ARA at some point during my life. These days, my work is also connected with financial management, which has always interested me. The last time I did financial management was during my period with the municipality of Valkeala – in other words, you could say I’ve gone back to my roots.”