Saara Nyyssölä

A specialist evaluates and develops housing solutions for special groups

Saara Nyyssölä works at ARA as a specialist in the financing field. She has worked before in the public sector with seniors, the disabled and in adult social work, as well as in management positions. She has long and far-reaching professional experience from her previous assignments – all the way from special groups to working with customers and in administration. Saara also has experience in the operational planning and management of community care and related services. In the ‘third’ sector, Saara functioned as Executive Director of Vanhusten Palvelutaloyhdistys (Geriatric Sheltered Home, Registered Association) before her arrival at ARA.

At ARA, she works as a specialist in project selection and processing for special group projects as well as, for instance, assessing the sustainability of sheltered homes as well as evaluating the procurement of ARA-site care services. Saara participates at ARA in the development and assessment of residential services and housing needs related to special groups, in addition to developing the guidelines concerning the organisation and competitive bidding arrangements for ARA-site care services.

For Saara, the job functions at ARA are challenging and fascinating. She is able to well utilise her earlier job experience and general competence in her ARA tasks. Cooperation with municipal interests is quite important, as the planning of projects and the housing requirements of special groups are key concerns in the joint targets set by ARA and the municipalities.