Vesa Ijäs

  A development architect involved in the planning of construction projects

Vesa Ijäs works at ARA as a development architect in the field of financing. By education, Vesa is an architect and doctor of technology. Vesa already has job experience in tasks related to the construction and real estate field. He has previously functioned in Lahti as development manager in the housing-related centre of expertise programme under the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

He applied to ARA because to him the comprehensive scope of the agency’s activities with municipalities, cities and various interest groups in the construction and real estate field offers an architect the possibility to be involved with affecting the creation of a higher-quality constructed environment. “ARA production and housing stock have always shown the way to the development of Finnish housing and construction of residences,” Vesa points out.

In his work, Vesa participates as one of the expert members in the processing, assessment and planning coordination of project applications submitted. The application objects are new construction- and renovation-based building projects for various groups of customers. “As priorities in my development assignment, my work as I see it includes the promotion of accessibility as well as giving more attention to the residential requirements of special groups in projects and affordable life-cycle housing production,” Vesa relates.