Satu Pohja

"Many ministries like to think of themselves as ministries of the future, but this kind of thinking is especially characteristic of the Ministry of the Environment — here we strive to really think about what we are leaving behind for future generations.

I came to the ministry one and a half years ago. I first worked in the Environmental Protection Department, from where I eventually transferred to my current position in the Department of the Built Environment. As for my educational background, I have a Master of Laws with court training and specialisation in environmental law. I also have a Master of Administrative Sciences. My educational background was one of the reasons why I applied for a position at the Ministry of the Environment.

My responsibilities include the development, preparation and implementation of legislation concerning communities, land use and the cultural environment. I also process all the decisions made in Finland concerning buildings protected under the Act on the Protection of the Built Heritage. When working on preserving valuable sites through protection and helping to prepare new legislation, I feel that I am making a difference and doing something important.

I enjoy working here because of the flexibility. The ministry also encourages telecommuting, which is an effective alternative to commuting. I hope to keep working and developing my expertise and know-how at the Ministry of the Environment in the future as well."