Emergency Services Academy Finland

We provide vocational education for firefighters, sub-officers, fire officers and emergency response centre operators in Finland. We also offer a wide variety of specially tailored further training and in-service training for national and international professionals in the rescue and emergency field. We are responsible for the coordination of the research activities within the rescue services in Finland. We are also responsible for the training and recruitment of Finnish experts to international civil protection missions.

We employ approximately 120 persons and over half of our personnel are instructors. Besides teaching our personnel work with administrative and support functions as well as research and development services.
Most of the instructors are men as the instruction of rescue operations requires knowledge of the rescue field which in practice means that a person working as an instructor needs to have a fire fighter qualification and work experience in the field. About 30 % of the personnel are women. The average age of the whole personnel was 47 years in 2018. We take good care of the wellbeing of our personnel by promoting physical and mental work capacity. Also, we aim to improve the coordination of working life and family life.
We are especially proud of our simulator education as well as our training ground.  We have several types of simulators:  an emergency response centre, an emergency medical care, a fire inspection, a smoke diving and an airplane simulator. The training ground, which is of high standard even to international criteria, is constantly developed.

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An airphoto of the Emergency Services Academy Finland.

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The Emergency Services Academy Finland is located in Kuopio.

Visiting address:                               Hulkontie 83
70821 Kuopio

Tel. +358 295 450 201 (Switchboard)

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