Teemu Pietilä

Teemu Pietilä works as an Instructor of Rescue Operations.

"My work includes instruction of fire fighters, sub-officers, fire officers and also on vocational further education courses. The work is challenging, varying, physical and rewarding.  My duties include both theoretical lessons and practical training at the training ground of the Emergency Services College. You must have a broad competence to be able to work with a wide range of subjects, for example, from teaching basic skills to fire fighters to demanding tasks that require expertise knowledge and skills such as smoke diving.

The work atmosphere is good at the College and the field is respected. If someone asks me what I will do in five years from now, I would answer that I will work long days at the College.

I actively sought for a possibility to work at the College and applied for a job. My vocational background is closely related to the Emergency Services College as I graduated as a fire fighter in 2000 and a sub-officer in 2009. I have started to study educational sciences and the purpose is to continue to do so while working."