Finnish Immigration Service

The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) is a government agency under the Ministry of the Interior. It processes and makes decisions on matters related to immigration, residence, refugee issues and Finnish nationality.

In line with our vision “From immigration to citizenship – a leading expert, partner and service specialist”, we strive to be a distinguished and recognised specialist. Our services are customer-oriented and our personnel have a high level of service know-how.

The Finnish Immigration Service

  • grants residence permits to foreign nationals entering Finland, such as students, employees, self-employed people, returnees and family members of foreign na-tionals living in Finland,
  • processes asylum applications, from the asylum interview to the decision,
  • directs and supports reception centre operations for asylum seekers and their in-itial social integration and placement in municipalities,
  • issues alien’s passports and refugee travel documents,
  • decides on refusals of entry and deportations,
  • handles citizenship applications and declarations and determination of citizenship status,
  • maintains the Register of Aliens,
  • produces information services for international needs and for Finnish decision-makers and authorities,
  • participates in international cooperation in its own field,
  • steers and plans the practical reception of asylum seekers and those granted temporary protection.

Typical job descriptions, typical employees at the Finnish Immigration Service

We employ over 1000 people.

Typical titles include Senior Adviser, Adviser, Assistant Adviser and Department Secretary, all of whom participate in the decision-making process concerning resi-dence permit and asylum applications and citizenship matters. Country information researchers produce background information for decision-makers.

The Finnish Immigration Service employs people with versatile educational back-grounds. Around 50% of us have a university degree. The majority of our employees are lawyers or social or political scientists, working in specialist positions. We also employ Bachelors of Business Administration, IT engineers and communications professionals, for example.

We value the broad expertise of our employees. In addition to our employees’ ability to apply legislation, we invest in their ability to develop and their strategic agility, un-derstanding of our customerships and dialogical interaction with internal and external partners.

The Finnish Immigration Service is a vantage point

Those working at the Finnish Immigration Service have an excellent overview of the immigration administration and State administration.

We have a pleasant working community and a good atmosphere. We support the welfare of our employees, for example by offering a free gym, meal benefit, comprehensive occupational health care, culture vouchers and sports vouchers.
The main office of the Finnish Immigration Service is located in Helsinki, with other offices in Lappeenranta, Oulu, Kuhmo and Turku.

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Contact information

Postal address: Finnish Immigration Service, P.O. Box 10, FIN-00086
Head office: Opastinsilta 12 A, Helsinki

E-mail: (official registry office e-mail address)

Tel. 0295 430 431 (switchboard)