Joonas Laitinen

Joonas Laitinen is employed as Assistant Adviser at the Kuopio service point of the Finnish Immigration Service.

“I have a master’s degree in social sciences, with social policy as my main subject. As part of my master’s degree studies, I completed an internship at the Eastern Finland Police Department in 2016. During my time with the police I worked with aliens matters, and my job involved the processing of residence permit matters that fell under police jurisdiction at the time.  After my internship, the Police Department gave me a secondment position for the rest of the year in the same job. For myself, I experienced the subject area to be a highly interesting field of work where I could utilize my personal strengths. When all residence permit matters were transferred from the police to the Finnish Immigration Service as of the beginning of 2017, I applied for a job at the recently established Kuopio service point of the Finnish Immigration Service, and started working there already in January 2017. On the side, I finished my master's thesis on civilian crisis management and completed my master’s degree in the summer of 2017.”

“I work at the Finnish Immigration Service as Assistant Adviser. One half of the job of an Assistant Adviser includes receiving applications and serving customers at the counter. The other half consists of processing applications and making decisions. In the decision-making process, an Assistant Adviser’s responsibilities include the positive decisions on residence permit, registration and travel document matters that, in accordance with the agency’s distribution of duties, are made at the service points.”

“At a service point, a customer can submit any application that is handled by the Finnish Immigration Service. It is therefore important to have a profound knowledge of the different types of applications and the attachments required for each of these. In the processing of applications and in the decision-making, another essential proficiency is a good knowledge of the legislation and the authority guidelines.”

“The best thing about the job as Assistant Adviser is its variety and diversity. No two days are really alike. Customer service at the counter requires a sociable personality and good communicational skills. A thorough and calm approach to the work is also important. Moreover, a significant part of the job is a good working atmosphere with pleasant co-workers who you can always turn to when you need advice. In a good working community, days pass swiftly and the job never gets to feel too stressful.