Joutseno Reception Centre

Joutseno Reception Centre is an agency administered by the Finnish Immigration Service. It started its operations in 1990, and it operates in Konnunsuo, Lappeenranta. 

The agency is part of the national reception system for asylum seekers. It has places for 300 clients. There are both families and adult asylum seekers arriving alone at Joutseno Reception Centre.  The reception centre is also responsible for the national system of assistance for victims of human trafficking and a detention unit with 30 places.  Approximately 55 people work at Joutseno Reception Centre.

Typical duties include tasks related to the housing of the asylum seekers and their social and health care services, as well as providing assistance to victims of human trafficking. Job titles include, for example, counsellor, social worker, public health nurse and inspector.  Working methods vary depending on the unit, but teamwork in accordance with a multidisciplinary working model is the goal in all duties.  The Director of the reception centre is responsible for its operation.

The task of Joutseno Reception Centre is to provide temporary accommodation and basic security for asylum seekers and detained persons, help them to cope and maintain their life management skills during the asylum process, and assist victims of human trafficking, thereby helping to prevent human trafficking. We continuously develop our activities so that we can respond quickly to changing situations and needs.

Our work requires responsibility, and it is wide-ranging and interesting. We offer a unique viewpoint of the field of work in immigration in cooperation with other authorities.  We take care of the competence of our personnel by offering them opportunities for continuing professional education; we also support the occupational well-being of the personnel with exercise and culture vouchers.

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Joutseno Reception Centre. 

Contact information

Joutseno Reception Centre
Läykäntie 53
54190 Konnunsuo
Tel: 0295 463 170

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