Pekka Martin

Pekka Martin is employed as a Project Manager at the Immigration Unit of the Finnish Immigration Service.

“I graduated as a lawyer in 2003 and was recruited by the Finnish Immigration Service in 2005, after completing my court training. I have worked in the Nationality Unit, the Legal Service and Country Information Unit, the Asylum Unit, the Immigration Unit and in the Executive Office. At the end of 2016, I returned to the Immigration Unit to manage a project funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).”

“The project I am managing is called Rotating Immigration Officer (RIO). I am working together with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the embassies of Finland to improve the reception of residence permit applications and interviews arranged by the Finnish missions. My current role involves a lot of travelling, as I visit the embassies and work there for three to four weeks at a time. I observe and interview customers who are applying for a residence permit. The aim of my work is to enhance the first phase of the application process together with the employees of the mission. The target countries of the project are in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The target group of the project consists of third-country nationals who are applying for a residence permit at a Finnish mission abroad and of their family members in Finland. The project benefits educational institutions, employers and the authorities involved. Improving the process is especially important in countries with challenges, where the process is time-consuming also for other reasons.”

“My tasks at the Finnish Immigration Service have been varied, which I have enjoyed. I feel that my expertise and competence have increased throughout my career. I have worked in Sweden under the public officials’ exchange scheme and also led several EU projects. My expertise has benefited various working groups, and I have been happy to guide and advise the management of new projects. During my career, the Finnish Immigration Service has grown from an agency of a few hundred officials to a large organisation with more than a thousand employees.”

"I like it here in the Finnish Immigration Service, because the work here is flexible, independent and versatile. The employees and managers are competent. My days are busy, but I enjoy my work.  The Finnish Immigration Service also provides regular training for its employees.”

"The Finnish Immigration Service is a good employer because it provides you with a genuine opportunity for professional development, although my law degree and court training already prepared me well in this respect.”