Satu Koivu

HR development manager is responsible for expertise and well-being at work throughout the police force

Satu Koivu is HR development manager in HR and negotiation processes at the National Police Board in Helsinki.  In the PORA III reform, she relocated to this job from the post of Chief Inspector in the administration and command line at the Central Uusimaa Police Department.

The HR development manager’s job includes steering and development of police training, research and expertise in general, and also well-being at work and personnel aftercare both at the National Police Board and in the Finnish police in general.

Diversity is the strength of police administration

Satu Koivu has had a career with the police for 26 years, including field work and criminal investigation, field work command duties, teaching at the Police College at Otaniemi in Espoo (now the Police University College in Tampere) and civilian police duties in Palestine.

Satu was originally going to be a forensic chemist, and studied chemistry at the Helsinki University of Technology, but a career as a police officer eventually won out.
She feels that diversity of professional duties is the strength of police administration.

“There are so many different jobs available in police administration for both police officers and civilians. There are plenty of opportunities; all you need is to grasp them.”
Her own career path has progressed through seizing opportunities.

“I don’t believe you can plan your life ahead in much detail, although of course you need to have goals and ambitions and to be prepared to work for them. I have always seized opportunities that have come my way in the course of my career. Sometimes it felt like a leap in the dark, but looking back it was certainly worth it.”

Learning new things requires growth.

Being bold is one thing, but learning new things requires growth. Learning may take time, but it pays off. She has gone through considerable personal growth in the course of her career as a teacher and as a supervisor.  Her new job requires thinking on several levels, which is something different again.

“You have to look at things from the perspective of the individual, the team and the organisation as a whole,” she says.

The purpose of the development of training and expertise is to ensure that the police will be able to respond to current needs in society. And amidst all the demands and challenges, police employees should feel well and be able to enjoy their work.
Satu Koivu says that these goals can only be attained through broad-based cooperation.

“No one can do anything on their own, but by working together we can influence important things,” she says.