The Emergency Response Centre Administration

The Emergency Response Centre Administration is a national agency that is subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior and functions in accordance with the network operations model. It is tasked with providing emergency response centre services for the police and rescue, social and health services.

We employ a total of around 680 persons in different parts of Finland. The employees of the ERC Administration are multitalented experts in the safety sector. We work in close cooperation with other authorities. The organisation and operations of Finland's ERC Administration have also received interna-tional recognition, and our operating model has evoked interest around the world.

One of the ERC Administration's strategic objectives is to ensure a high level of expertise among its staff. For this reason, the agency must ensure that its staff's professional skills are continuously maintained and developed. We also invest in our staff's occupational well-being and job satisfaction, for example by implementing the well-being programme, and developing work community skills and shift planning.

ERC operators are engaged in the core task of the ERC Administration, an-swering calls for assistance that come to the 112 emergency number. It is the operator's task to determine what has happened and where and, if necessary, to request that the appropriate public service provide assistance at the scene. An ERC operator's work requirements are a mix of honed reactions, sharp or-ganisational skills and extensive safety knowledge, as well as an empathetic approach combined with an iron grip on one’s work. In addition, the ERC Ad-ministration employs other officials with a wide range of educational back-grounds. These operators and other experts in emergency response operations form the foundation of Finnish 112 operations.

The Administration's management and central administration are located in Pori. There are Emergency Response Centres in Kerava, Kuopio, Oulu, Pori, Turku and Vaasa.

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Employees of an emergency response centre. 

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