Kaisa Holma

Kaisa works as an ERC Operator in the Pori Emergency Response Centre. She started in the ERC Administration three years ago and has enjoyed her work. Kaisa's day includes receiving emergency calls and operational monitoring. The work involves a great deal of cooperation with several different authorities.

“The work of an ERC Operator is varied and full of surprises, and you never know what each day will bring. The work requires powers of logical deduction, calm, and a dash of common sense. You have to be able to act quickly when the need arises, but there are calmer periods in between. In emergencies, you need good perceptive skills to get a picture of the situation, and you need to get a quick understanding of the caller's situation. The situation is evaluated based on a risk assessment. That is our most important tool in resolving cases,” she says.
As a tip to new employees, Kaisa would like to stress the importance of language skills. Good social skills are also important.
“Social skills are a requirement, both in the work community and in dealing with emergency calls. You have to be able to work with people. You learn to listen to people in the work of an ERC Operator, since by paying attention to the other person you usually get the information needed to understand the nature of the situation.”
Kaisa found herself in training to be an ERC Operator almost on a whim, but she has been extremely happy with the training and work.
“The training period lasted six months and involved a lot of practical training. From roughly 200 applicants, 21 were accepted for the course, and the process included psychological testing. You can achieve a relatively good salary and varied job with comparatively short training. The career prospects within the ERC Administration are also good,” Kaisa continues.
Five years into the future, she still hopes to be working in the Pori ERC. Her husband is also an ERC Operator at the same centre.
“I like my co-workers. The ERCs of Pirkanmaa and Satakunta were merged in 2013, but there are no lines between people from different cities here, and the team spirit is really great. I enjoy my work and feel like I am doing something important.”
For further information on ERC Operator training, please go to: www.pelastusopisto.fi