The Finnish Border Guard

The Finnish Border Guard is an internationally respected border security authority. Our objective is to make Finnish border and sea areas the most secure in Europe.

Why work at the Finnish Border Guard

We offer you the chance to do meaningful and challenging work for the benefit of our internal security. The work environment is diverse and varied: we work on land, at sea and in the air.

The Finnish Border Guard offers work for both civilians and soldiers. We also offer good opportunities for personal competence development.

Our operations span the entire country.

How to work at the Finnish Border Guard

Border and coast guards are trained at the Finnish Border Guard's Border and Coast Guard Academy. Finnish Border Guard officers are trained at the National Defence University alongside Finnish Defence Forces officers. We are constantly looking for specialists from different fields for our civil servant duties.

What kind of work we offer

The majority of our personnel consists of border guards who work at border crossings as, for example, border inspectors, shift managers, criminal investigators and dog handlers. Border guards who work at land borders can be, for example, Border Guard Station patrol leaders, patrollers and guards and dog handlers. Coast guards take care of the same tasks at ports and the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport as well as Coast Guard Stations and guard boats. Both border and coast guards also take part in rescue and assistance missions and select customs control and police tasks.

The Finnish Border Guard's officers and commissioned officers serve in planning, leadership and training tasks. In addition to this, the Finnish Border Guard also employs technical specialist officers.

We currently employ many civilian workers particularly in financial administration, technical fields and personnel management.

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Two boarder guards

Contact information

Our nine administrative units located throughout Finland are responsible for the duties of the Finnish Border Guard. The headquarters of the Finnish Border Guard are located in Helsinki.

National switchboard
+358 295 420 000

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