Juha Pasanen

Juha Pasanen works at the Border Security Education Department of the Border and Coast Guard Academy. His title is canine operations instructor.

My work at the Border and Coast Guard Academy is versatile and includes the planning of different courses and trainings for dog handlers as well as the running of trainings and courses.

My work also includes international tasks for the EU's border security agency Frontex. I'm also a part of the "EUBG K9 instructor" team, as a result of which I have toured EU countries together with my dog in order to serve as an instructor on dog handler courses organised by Frontex.

In addition to teaching tasks, my work includes the procurement of dogs for the Finnish Border Guard, as well as some support tasks related to border control education.

Currently I have two service dogs; Konsta, a 6-year-old male German Shepherd, and Konsta's offspring Kille, a 4-month-old puppy. It's safe to say that my hobby has become my job, which is something I am quite pleased with. I'm also grateful for the Finnish Border Guard for having made this possible.

I first became interested in the work of border guards when I was carrying out my military service at the Southeast Finland Border Guard District after graduating from vocational school. After completing a trip to the Middle East for a peacekeeping operation, I applied for a job at the Finnish Border Guard. After completing the basic course for border guards, I worked at the Vanikkala Border Guard Station of the Southeast Finland Border Guard District, taking care of tasks related to border checks.

I was always interested in canine operations, and I got my first border dog after completing the basic dog handler course in 1994. After that I worked at the Pelkola Border Guard Station as a dog handler, and after completing the advanced course for border guards I also worked as the officer in charge of canine operations at the Border Guard Station. In 2012 I took up my current post at the Border and Coast Guard Academy.

Over the years I have taken part in numerous courses and trainings related to canine operations, including a decoy training course organised by the Finnish German Shepherd Association and Frontex's 2013 K9 instructor course.

In my opinion the Finnish Border Guard is a good and stable employer that offers opportunities for versatile work and international tasks.

I have only five years left until retirement, but I'm not thinking about transferring to the reserve just yet since my work is enjoyable and varied enough to keep my thoughts on the present day.