Office of the President of the Republic

The Office assists the President in carrying out official duties, manages the President’s administrative affairs, keeps the President’s archive, and provides for any personal services required by the President or the President’s family. The Office is also responsible for ensuring the personal security of the President and the security of any premises occupied by the President.  The duties of the Office of the President of the Republic are statutory.

The Office is stationed in Helsinki (the Presidential Palace, Mariankatu 1, and the President of the Republic’s official residence, Mäntyniemi) and in Naantali (the President of the Republic’s summer residence, Kultaranta). The Office employs approximately 70 staff. In the summer, the summer residence Kultaranta employs an additional twenty seasonal workers. Furthermore, a number of employees of the Finnish Defence Forces and the Police work for the Office.

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Good to know about us

Experts working in the Office mainly assist the President as well as engaging in various administrative duties. The majority of the Office employees work in various types of service and professional positions.

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The Office of the President of the Republic's mailing address:

Mariankatu 2
00170 Helsinki