The National Audit Office of Finland

We at the National Audit Office of Finland know Finland’s central government finances inside out. We audit the management of central and general government finances. We also monitor fiscal policy and oversee election campaign and political party funding.

Our operations aim to ensure that state funds are used cost-effectively in accordance with Parliament's decisions and the law. We are an independent and professional external auditor of the management of central government finances. Our role and duties are laid down in the Constitution of Finland. We operate in affiliation with Parliament and report on our work to Parliament.

We have about 160 employees, most of whom hold a university degree. Most of the employees involved in auditing hold a university degree in economics, social sciences or law. Some of the employees also have research training.

Most of our employees do audit work. In addition, the NAOF employs ICT, communications and HR professionals, for example.

We operate as a project organization where the employees have an opportunity to develop their competence in different duties. The audit and monitoring work is carried out under four impact areas: Sustainable General Government Finances, Sustainable Governance and Public Administration, A Safe, Healthy and Affluent Society, and Information Governance. 

We encourage our employees to develop themselves professionally and provide them with opportunities to train and develop themselves as part of their work.

We offer flexible working hours, extensive opportunities to telework and employer-subsidized meals and commuter tickets. Our employees also have access to a modern gym on the NAOF's premises.

The terms and conditions of employment at the NAOF are determined by the Act on Parliamentary Civil Servants.

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The NAOF’s activities cover the entire central government finances, and we have extensive access to information under the Constitution of Finland. The NAOF also contributes to ensuring that the principles of the rule of law, democracy and sustainable economy are adhered to in the management of the finances of the European Union, as well as in other international cooperation.

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The NAOF’s head office is located in Helsinki. We also have office in Oulu.

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