Mikko Sarja

Senior Legal Adviser

LL. Lic.  Mikko Sarja is a Legal Adviser at the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman; in other words, he is one of the lawyers who investigate complaints received by the Ombudsman and prepare and present the relevant decisions. From time to time, he also takes part in inspections.

"I am in charge of complaints concerning linguistic questions and guardianship services and issues. It is also part of my duties to follow the legislation, legal practice and literature in these branches of administration. As all lawyers in the Office, I also need to be knowledgeable about fundamental and human rights issues, which play a key role for us.

What I find the most rewarding part of my work is when a proposal concerning legislation or compensation that I have prepared is successful, or I can otherwise help a complainant to get justice. I also like the fact that despite the increase in the number of complaints, I can focus on extensive or complex issues. What makes my work more interesting is that there is not always a ready-made pattern to follow: legal problems may come up that have not been resolved previously.

I went through the application procedure and joined the Office in a fixed-term position. For the past 11 years, I have really enjoyed working in the positive and productive atmosphere of our 95-year old Office, which is youthful and dynamic for its age."