Prime Minister’s Office

The Prime Minister's Office is one of the twelve ministries. It is responsible for the planning of social policy and issues that do not fall within the competence of any other ministry. It assists the Prime Minister and the Government in their work, and provides services for government agencies and the wider public. It coordinates issues relating to the EU and its future development, provides for the ownership steering of state-owned companies and sets out guidelines for the Government's strategic communications.

The Prime Minister's Office coordinates a variety of special research and cross-cutting projects, and oversees the activities of a number of bodies operating on a permanent or temporary basis. It scrutinises annual subsidies for political parties and honorary titles awarded by the President of the Republic. It is also responsible for provisions covering the President and the President’s Office, ministerial pay and allowances, and the employment of special advisers.

Typical job descriptions

Jobs at the Prime Minister's Office include expert tasks relating to EU affairs, state ownership steering, draft legislation, communications and translation of legal texts between the national languages. The Prime Minister's Office employs a number of experts in financial administration, information management and other support functions. Job titles include senior specialist, ministerial adviser, senior financial adviser, translator, communications specialist, information services secretary, administrative assistant, in-house attendant and driver.

Breakdown by education:

  • doctoral degree 4%
  • higher university degree 40,9%
  • lower university degree 12,4%
  • upper secondary degree 35,5%

Typical academic degrees:

  • Master of Social Sciences
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Laws
  • Bachelor of Business Administration


Finland is an internationally successful welfare society — a position secured by its well-functioning parliamentary democracy, stable leadership and continuous development.

The Prime Minister's Office promotes cooperation across government and provides the Government and Prime Minister with essential leadership tools.

Our values - expertise, transparency, dynamism, responsibility – inform everything we do.

Published 2014-10-17 at 12:47, updated 2020-06-17 at 8:23

The Government Palace.

Photo: Janne Suhonen, Prime Ministers Office

Good to know about us

The Prime Minister's Office invests in its people, well-being at work and management training. It offers employees opportunities for further training and workplace development, and facilitates the reconciliation of work and private life through distance working arrangements. In 2013, the Prime Minister's Office allocated an average of EUR 1208 per employee for training and personal development.

Contact information

The Prime Minister's Office is located in the Government Palace. It also employs people at its Unioninkatu and Fabianinkatu offices and at the government banqueting premises.

Snellmaninkatu 1 A                         00170 Helsinki

Switchboard: +358 295 16001

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