Jenni Nevasalo

“Developing the big picture”

Jenni Nevasalo is a Development Director in the Government Administration Department. Development Services coordinates the development of Prime Minister’s Office operations and operating models. It develops common operating models relating to project management, enterprise architecture and general management, and coordinates such work at government level.

“I applied for the position of Development Director by chance, surprising even myself. I had plans for another kind of a career path when my eye caught a job opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I like change, and this job has plenty of it. Harmonisation of the ministries’ activities is an extremely interesting and challenging goal.

“I’m the head of a small development services team in the Government Administration Department. Our task is to support the divisions in developing their activities and monitor how the work progresses and how targets are achieved. Currently my main focus is the Digital Government 2020 development project which is the main development theme in the ministries at the moment. Reforming the way we work is a big change, and turning this into something concrete for the ministries governs all our actions.

“In my work it is important to see the big picture, but you also need to understand the smaller details and how the big and the small can be kept in the same frame when our work relies more and more on networks. Change management skills, diplomacy and social sensitivity are important elements in my work where the focus is on navigating through reforms and changes.

“Harmonisation of government practices is an important project of historical proportions. Being part of this work with my own input and expertise is something I really appreciate. I am also inspired by working in new areas, where you have to find your own way in uncharted territory. We have a top team at the Prime Minister’s Office and plenty of enthusiasm to chart the news paths. The Government Administration Department is a melting pot for different kinds of views and operating models where we look at things in new ways. This brings value to my work.”