Information about the website is a website maintained by the State Treasury. It aims to provide information about the Government as an employer and about applying for Government jobs. Candidates can also use the website to submit their applications to vacancies offered by the Government.

The website was released in spring 2015, and it is being continuously updated and completed.

Overall responsibility for the website rests with the State Treasury. The Personnel Management Support unit of the State Treasury's Financial and Personnel Administration division is in charge of the website's information content. The State Treasury also manages recruitment services for applicants for vacancies. For the contact details of the State Treasury, see the right side of the page. In questions relevant to individual recruitments, the applicant is advised to contact the recruiting agency.

Site structure in short

  • The latest vacancies and an application form are embedded in the frontpage. Beside the vacancies, you will find other links associated with the recruitment service. The frontpage also contains links to the latest news and the next upcoming events. In the carousel in the right-hand side of the frontpage, a few employees and employers introduce themselves.
  • All news, new appointments and events are published in the Current items section.
  • The Working for the Government section contains information about common features of Government jobs,  including values and the conditions of employment. It also provides some key figures describing the personnel and FAQs.
  • In the Employers and Employees section, various government agencies can introduce themselves as employers as well as present some of their employees and describe their duties. The employers have been grouped by branches of administration. For those agencies that have as yet not prepared an introduction, a link to the organisation search on the website is included. Each agency is responsible for keeping their own information up to date. The information will be reviewed at least once a year.
  • The Get to know the employees section has a list of all employees introduced on the site in an alphabetical order.
  • The Get to know the employers section has a list of all employers introduced on the site in an alphabetical order.

Recruitment service

The site hosts a home page for a recruitment service administrated by the State Treasury. This service shows all vacancies embedded in the frontpage of the site and in each employer's introductory page. Links to this service are found on the frontpage. Apart from the last one, these links take you to a different server, which is why they are not shown on the sitemap.

Feedback, language versions

A link to the different language versions is shown at the top of each page, whereas a feedback form can be found at the bottom of the page.

  • You can use the form in the Feedback section to submit feedback on the site, ask questions or suggest changes. The messages are received by the State Treasury's Personnel Management Support unit.
  • The website is available in Finnish and Swedish, and some sections also in English. However, the contents of the pages in different languages are not identical, and not all up-to-date information is provided in all languages.

Technical requirements

  • To use the site, the recommended versions of the most common browsers are Internet Explorer 9.0 or 8.0, Firefox 31.0 and Chrome 36.0 or later.
  • To read pdf documents, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download from
  • The videos featured on the website are Flash files, and a program that supports this file format is needed to view them.
  • The internal links of the website open in the same browser window, while links that take you outside the website open in a new window.
  • A link to a printer friendly version of the page is shown at the bottom of each page. Click on this link to open a new browser window where you can print the page without the navigation menus.
  • The date of the most recent page update is shown at the bottom of the page.
  • There are no short cuts.

Providing links to the site, legal disclaimer and copyrights

You can freely set up links to the site and use the information it offers, as long as you cite the source of the information and the date. An exception to this are drawings, images and logos used on the website, which may not be saved on a hard disk or other storage medium, used in an information network or copied without the written permission of the copyright holders.

Under the Copyright Act (A:8.7.1961, SK:404/1961) and its later amendments, copyrights to the material published on the website belong to the State Treasury or other information producers stated in the document (in the Employers and Employees section, the organisation in question). When the copyrights to a photograph belong to the photographer, this is indicated beside the photo.

The State Treasury accepts no responsibility for any costs or losses incurred as a result of any errors in the website contents. Neither shall the State Treasury be held liable for any damage due to a technical disruption or material linked to the site that has been published by third parties.

In order to develop the site, statistical data is collected on its use. The website uses cookies to keep track of visitor and visit numbers. The number of visitors, the visitor's country, the duration of the visit and the browser used are recorded.

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