The new NLS sustainability programme includes goals and acts

Published 2022-03-31 at 11:30

The National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) has been preparing its first sustainability programme for over a year. The development of the ‘Responsibility for the Earth’ programme has involved representatives of stakeholders and many NLS employees from different parts of the organisation.

‘The NLS has been reporting its sustainability for more than six years now. We wanted to take yet another step forward in terms of sustainability: in addition to sustainability reporting, we wanted to define future goals that guide our sustainable daily activities,’ says Director General Arvo Kokkonen.

‘In my opinion, the best part of our sustainability programme is that it looks like us and is based on a genuine will to do good,’ says Maija Ilvonen, Director of Communications and Sustainability, who has led the development process.

The sustainability programme consists of four themes. The 2022 sustainability goals and acts included in the themes are available on the web pages of each theme:

  1. Data to serve society
  2. People who feel well
  3. Sustainable environment
  4. Sustainable way of working and economic sustainability.

Sustainability goals guide us in the long term

Our sustainability goals give us a framework for the development of sustainability. They guide decision making and our daily activities in a more sustainable direction and inspire us to identify and develop new acts of sustainability.

Translating sustainability into concrete actions

In 2022, the NLS undertakes to advance 16 identified acts of sustainability to make our goals concrete. By 2027, the NLS promises to advance a total of 50 acts of sustainability.

‘The sustainability programme provides us with concrete everyday acts that make sustainability at the NLS a reality. It allows us to clearly see the significance of our actions for the everyday life of both our customers and our employees. The programme helps us see our sustainability through a looking glass, so to speak,’ says Director General Arvo Kokkonen.

The NLS acts of sustainability cover the recognition of existing measures as acts of sustainability and also new measures introduced through the programme. Both are important: to make visible and better understand what we are already doing for sustainability and to make concrete promises of where we want to improve.

Read the ‘Responsibility for the Earth’ sustainability programme (PDF).

Additional information:

Maija Ilvonen, Director of Communications and Sustainability, +358 50 487 1600,