website search function and vacancy ad layout renewed

Published 2017-10-09 at 9:32

The structure and layout of the website have been renewed to further enhance their usability. The frontpage now features the total number of central government vacancies as well as short and clear descriptions of the latest vacancies.

The job application section is located under the Vacancies tab. To make it easier to find the most suitable positions, the search function has been enhanced with new features, such as selecting the area of responsibility that you are interested in. The menu on the left features multiple options that can be used to filter your search results. Your choices directly filter the number of search results that are displayed at the top of the search results page.

The renewed vacancy ad view displays the basic information of the vacancy at the beginning of the page, and a more detailed description under the basic information. You can find other similar vacancies that have the same county, municipality, agency or area of responsibility by clicking the relevant search button on the page of the ad. You can also see location of the job on the map.

We hope that the renewed search function of the website is useful to our users. Please remember to provide your feedback on the revamp with the feedback form >