Government recruitments

A willingness to make a difference and to develop in your work provides a good start for a career as a public servant. Government tasks are diverse, and many types of educational backgrounds may provide you the required qualifications. The majority of government positions are expert roles, and a postgraduate degree is often required for them. For some tasks, a specific qualification is needed. Good language skills are another requirement for many expert roles. You will also need interaction skills, a customer-oriented work approach and team work skills.

General requirements

Public servants are recruited in a transparent process, in which the most qualified person is selected. In general, candidates must be aged 18 years or over (in certain routine tasks, the age of 15 years may be sufficient). Specific provisions apply to the language skills public servants are required to have. Qualification requirements laid down in decrees, which usually include a certain type of education, also apply to many posts. All types of discrimination are expressly prohibited in recruitments.

As a rule, employees in Government positions are recruited in public service employment relationships that are valid until further notice. A public service employment relationship for a fixed term may be used if this is warranted by the nature of the work, a need to find a substitute for an employee, temporary discharge of duties that are part of an unfilled post, traineeship, or other grounds laid down in legislation. Some Government jobs are performed in a contractual employment relationship.

Clear roles in recruitment

The primary responsibility for and authority in recruitments belongs to each individual agency. The agencies follow common policies, altho they may have special features. The recruitments of both permanent and temporary employees are thus planned and implemented by the agencies themselves. Leading public servants in top management and Ministries are, however, appointed by the Government or the President of the Republic.

A public service employment relationship may include a trial period of up to six months.

Before initiating a recruitment process, the agencies must establish if personnel freed up as a result of decentralisation or other organisational changes is available in central government.

Eligibility criteria set out in the advertisement

All requirements applicable to a candidate for a vacancy (the so-called eligibility requirements, or criteria that the candidate must fulfil in order to be considered) are set out in the advertisement. It also details the expectations and preferences concerning the candidates for the job in question.

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Further information

Statutes on recruitment:

For guidelines and statutes applicable to Government recruitments, visit the Ministry of Finance's website >

Government training institutions:

In some cases, employees are recruited through training organised by the Government. For more information about the Government's training institutions, see the section on Development and self-development >