Applicant’s instructions

Recruiting service

Log in address: .
You can also log in to the recruiting service via frontpage .

Applicant manual (pdf).

First, choose the language at the login page of  Log in by clicking on the  Candidate button .

Be sure to check the News on the login page and the instructions on the main page when using the system.

You will find Frequently asked questions when you log in to the service.

You can also submit an open application in the recruiting service.

User IDs

The user IDs in the system will be cleared if external applicant IDs that have not been used for more than one year.

An e-mail message concerning the expiry and removal of the ID will be sent in advance to the e-mail address of the user. The user ID is the e-mail address that the user used to register with the service. The message will be sent to this address.

If you wish to keep your user ID in the service, you must sign in to the service using your ID. Otherwise, you do not have to do anything and your unused user ID will be automatically removed from the service in accordance with the notification.

Submitted applications will remain in the system for 12 months after the recruitment process in question has ended.

Questions regarding individual vacancies

The agencies are responsible for their own recruitment. Questions regarding individual recruitment should be addressed directly to the recruiting agency. Contact information can be found in the ad. In the system the ad can be found in the Applications section. The paper icon is in the front of the job title.

Further information

If the RecRight tool is used in the interview, you can view the privacy statement on the Recright website . The registrar is the employer agency.

Read more about recruitment, publicity of applications page Working for the government.

Read also: Frequently asked questions.

Applicants from personnel within the Government have their own instructions at page I already work for the Government .

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Contact information

The jobseeker service will help with enquiries concerning the system. 

The applicant service is available on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 16:15 p.m.

E-mail: hakijapalvelu(at)
Telephone: 029 556 4020.

Please note that the jobseeker service cannot receive applications.

Questions regarding individual recruitments, please contact the recruiting agency directly.