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Login details for internal applicants, applicants for redeployment and those opting for job rotation

The service can be accessed by clicking on the Log in to Applications link on the Valtiolle.fi website. An applicant for a Government post logs in to the system by clicking on the Recruiter and Internal Applicant button.

Log in directly to the system at https://haku.valtiolle.fi/.

You will find more detailed instructions for internal applicants and applicants for redeployment when you log in to the Valtiolle.fi service.

Internal mobility and Staff rotation

If you already work for the Government, you can apply for jobs in the Government. Mobility within the Government applies, among other things, to temporary positions lasting less than a year in your own or another office, department or agency.  Furthermore, internal mobility also involves the placing  of posts based on the registration procedure and their transfer within one's own office, department or agency.  Every official user can register with the service as an internal applicant

As someone in the employ of the Government, you can also  opt for staff rotation.  The aim with staff rotation is  to develop an individual's competence and knowledge, but it is also in the employer's interest.  Staff rotation supports the sharing of resources and expertise as well as networking.

Redeployment and relocation

Someone permanently employed by the Government has the right to redeployment and relocation, if the continuity of their employment relationship is under threat as a result of changes in the agency or office, to the extent that they could be given notice of dismissal. The employer decides which of the staff are to be affected by a change.

Open access to applications

There is open public access to applications for a position or temporary employment relationship sent to an authority.  Pursuant to Section 24 of the (Finnish) Act on the Openness of Government Activities, confidentiality only applies to matters and documents specifically referred to as being confidential in that law.    If an application contains confidential information, it will not be disclosed to third parties.

An applicant may express the wish that his or her details should not be made public knowledge.  An authority must nevertheless provide those details if requested to. The media have frequently respected the wishes of applicants.  Ultimately, however, the name of each person applying for a post may be made public.

Published 2018-01-05 at 11:21, updated 2019-03-01 at 10:12

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