I already work for the Government

Log in directly to the system at https://haku.valtiolle.fi/.

The service can be accessed by clicking on the Job search link at the Valtiolle.fi frontpage.

An applicant for a Government post logs in to the system by clicking on the Recruiter/Internal Applicant button.

You will find more detailed instructions for internal applicants when you log in to the service.

Read more about recruitment, publicity of applications etc. at page Working for the government.

Read also: Frequently asked questions.

Internal mobility and staff rotation

If you already work for the Government, you can apply for jobs in the Government. Mobility within the Government applies, among other things, to temporary positions lasting less than a year in your own or another office, department or agency.  Furthermore, internal mobility also involves the placing  of posts based on the registration procedure and their transfer within one's own office, department or agency.  Every official user can register with the service as aninternal applicant. 

As someone in the employ of the Government, you can also  opt for staff rotation.  The aim with staff rotation is  to develop an individual's competence and knowledge, but it is also in the employer's interest.  Staff rotation supports the sharing of resources and expertise as well as networking.

Published 2018-01-05 at 11:21, updated 2021-12-10 at 14:35

Contact information

In questions relevant to individual recruitments, you should contact the recruiting agency.

Enquiries concerning internal mobility and staff rotation: valtionhallinto(at)vm.fi